Automatic digital die Cutter

Our company is based in Italy at a little distance from Venice


Via Orsato 30 

30175 Marghera VE

Phone ++39 041 5382430


We are in business since 1986, we developed graphic software ranging from vinyl cutting, engraving, label cutting and optical recognition.

Our software is bundled with third party equipements.

On 2014 we developed our own equipment for automatic digital die cutting,

Our product is named i-Mark or ddCutter depending on different markets.

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The system comprises three separate components: inserter, cutting plotter and exit tray. These three parts are positioned one above the other and they must be positioned on a table, where the exit tray may be left hanging above the edge.

The exit tray extends for 35cm - 14" and must be positioned in a location free of tight passages to avoid hitting it when walking by.

The dimensions are quite small; the table on which to machine may rest can be as small as 60 x 67 cm - 24x26".